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And now my final watch begins...

Any time a show with any kind of major fan support and audience comes to an end, it is ALWAYS divisive. Lost, Breaking Bad, Seinfeld and How I Met Your Mother come to mind right away. But never in the history of television has there been a show on the scale and magnitude of Game of Thrones. Even if you don't watch it, you know about it. It's engrained in the fabric of our culture. For it to end in a way that pleases everyone is, in my opinion, absolutely impossible. It is the nature of fandom. We all watch stories in different ways. But no matter how your mileage varies on the final season of Game of Thrones so far, I would like to offer my two cents on the subject. If you don't watch Game of Thrones, then disregard this email unless you're so inclined to read my nerdy take on a show that is near and dear to my heart. 

I write this in the anticipation of the inevitable backlash of the internet after tonight's finale airs. Truth be told, I have loved almost every single thing about this final season. Do I wish we had more time with the characters? Sure. Do I wish some storylines and arcs had been more developed or methodically paced? Sure. BUT... this show, what we have come to expect it to be, should be impossible. Logistically, what it takes to pull off even a single episode boggles the mind and yet here we are. What a gift for lovers of great storytelling. So I say... let's enjoy the ride and let storytellers tell stories instead of nitpicking it to death.

Let's just stop for a moment and consider what this show has given us. It has accomplished the arguably impossible task of adapting high fantasy into something that feels grounded, real, and relevant while also achieving cinematic storytelling on a scale NEVER BEFORE SEEN ON TV.

It has given us characters to love, to hate, to root for, and to despise. It has given us some of the greatest jaw-dropping moments of pop-culture. It has transcended the normal confines of TV to become a global phenomenon while also continuing to feel deeply personal.

So tonight, as your timelines are flooded with think-pieces about how it failed in some aspect or other or with people suggesting they could write a better show, just remember that Game of Thrones has accomplished something that should have been impossible. And that's worth enjoying and celebrating.


Curt Mega